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Specialized in power generation solutions and engines, Eneria Romania has in view to be recognized as the first choice in all fields of its activity, when it comes to finding and solving the problems clients are facing. Eneria team has expertise and know-how in setting up, installing, commissioning, maintaining and servicing generator sets, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), as well as other applications based on engines. The products used as part of this vision are coming from the part played as exclusive dealer of Caterpillar Power Systems in Romania, as part of the Monnoyeur Group, who is the dealer for all Caterpillar equipment in several countries since 1929. The power supply systems Eneria is dealing with are covering a large range of fields: diesel and gas-powered generator sets (cogeneration based on gas or biogas), high-quality power systems combining generator sets and UPS, and engines for marine, rail, industrial and oil & gas applications.

Alexandru Bădescu, Director General Eneria Romania, is making an introduction towards the secrets of managing a successful business in the field of energy equipments.


Q: Petroleum Industry Review: Looking behind, how do you see the route from scientific research to the current status of manager of an energy company?

Alexandru Bădescu: Engineering was my passion, while by the beginning of the ‘80s research appeared to be the obvious development. The challenges at the beginning of the ‘90s, in that context, have dramatically changed the nature of my pursuit. The decision was not a simple one, but it was one of no return. Entering in 2000 the Eneria world, the one of energy equipments, has raised even more the ‘jumping lath’. I believe that aiming success has combined properly with the analytic method that derived from that. I like being in touch with all technical issues of the projects, although I like, first of all, to encourage my team to improve in this field. This path has been and is a challenge, especially through the continuous efforts to make our vision, the Eneria one, lead to results day by day. I strive to turn to good account my colleagues’ entire potential and aim at growing together. On the other hand, I haven’t lost my curiosity, my desire to find the very first cause of any deed of phenomenon; it’s only the subjects that have changed. Nowadays we are looking at market strategies, to profit, the evolution of complex technical systems, to efficiency and at people as the ones that contribute to success.

PIR: Since when is the company you are leading active in Romania and how is it positioned on national/international market?

Alexandru Bădescu: The first Caterpillar diesel engine was brought to Romania in 1937. We know that many other types of equipment were imported and have operated during the ‘60s, but we haven’t succeeded in finding their history of the time.

Caterpillar is acting in Romania through the Monnoyeur Group since 1991 for all applications – building equipments and energy systems. In 2000 the activities were divided in order to allow specialization and the concentration on the segments of solutions, products and different strategies, so that Eneria had taken over Power Systems. Caterpillar is world leader in most of the fields it is carrying activities, while Eneria is focusing on the same kind of performance for all its fields of activity in Romania. Most certainly we are leaders in power supply solutions for oil & gas applications, in diesel groups for breakdowns, but we are also closely following the evolutions in cogeneration, locomotives and maritime fields.

PIR: What products for oil and gas field do you have in range? What are the main benefits coming from the offered solutions?

Alexandru Bădescu: In 1934, during the oil fever, three CAT D17000 (‘V’ configuration) engines were integrated into a drilling equipment in California. Now we are at the fourth generation of engines (after D3CC, 35CC) of CXXX type, as it is C175 engine. Caterpillar has developed a special range of engines for the oil industry, force groups (engines + transmissions), generator sets, covering the entire area for specific applications: drilling and onshore and offshore production (generator sets and force groups), intervention service and workover, fire pumps, fracturing, cementing equipment, gas compression. Effectively, there are generator sets and Caterpillar power systems in any kind of drilling equipment, workover, gas compression and also in downstream sector.

Eneria has an extensive collaboration with Romanian OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and has a wide portfolio of projects for all types of applications, from conception, design, supply, integration within the equipment up to specific equipment commissioning, maintaining and servicing. Our ‘best cards’ are related to the products, easy to identify due to easy exploitation all over the world, to reliability, to a dense network of dealers and to the great speed of supplying parts and services hard to match, as well as to our part as dealers in best understanding our clients’ needs. I would point out to the service team which, besides the logistic performance, has developed the necessary competences to solve fast any disruption, irrespective of the application.

PIR: How did the collaboration with Caterpillar start and what results has this partnership produced?

Alexandru Bădescu: The Caterpillar brand is a world symbol for reliability and safety during exploitation, a position supported by Caterpillar’s continuous investments in research and development in amount of USD 1.5 billion per annum, showing the producer’s preoccupation for the future and its determination to remain leader. The Monnoyeur Group seized the opportunity and had become Caterpillar’s dealer in France in 1929. The partnership has continuously developed ever since and was extended to Belgium, Poland, Romania and Algeria. The results are permanently growing, as today Monnoyeur Group has a turnover of EUR 1.5 billion in all territories. Eneria has the privilege to offer its clients a premium product, to which it adds the expertise and the professionalism of the specialists that make projects successful.

Together with your partners from Eneria France and Caterpillar you have recently organized a technical seminar focused on engine solutions for oil and gas industry.

PIR: How was this initiative met by the above mentioned field?

Alexandru Bădescu: The Romanian market is an open one. We have the advantage of collaborating with active companies, having experience and advanced technical capacity, vision and enthusiasm to approach daring projects.

In order to meet the challenges in this dynamic field on the oil market, in cooperation with Caterpillar and Eneria France, we organized in March the seminar titled “Caterpillar and Eneria – One reliable power for the future”. Companies from the oil industry, traditional and potential partners of Eneria energy services have answered the invitation. We shared with the participants new efficient solutions we are proposing for present interesting projects such as bi-fuel, dynamic gas blending or gas compression. It was a good opportunity to have an exchange of views with our invitees regarding technical and economic challenges of the oil market in Romania as well as at international level. As conclusion, the main message of the seminar was to share with our clients and partners the continuous effort for modernizing the solutions so that they remain on top position in exploitation choices.

PIR: Cutting energy costs is a continuous challenge for the business environment. What part does Eneria play in this regard?

Alexandru Bădescu: The right engine for the right application. It is not enough that an engine or a generator set is efficient by itself, theoretically or in standard conditions. We are striving to configure it in the operator’s real application, in real exploiting conditions. In order to achieve this we have a team of engineers for applications working within the same team with the sales engineers. Their role is to remain in dialogue with the operator to assure concordance between the desired parameters and the supplied ones, following that after contracting they deal with execution and technical assistance until commissioning by the colleagues from service & maintenance. As efficiency comes from proper exploitation, we make sure the user is supplied all necessary information, including training.

PIR: Romania is following an upward trend as far as economic growth is concerned, while foreign investors are further interested in the energy field. How do you anticipate your company’s evolution during 2014?

Alexandru Bădescu: I wouldn’t be so optimistic regarding economic growth and especially effective investments, without doubting the interest. The country prognosis is growing, but it is not an even growth. There are fields where investments are pending, even in energy – for example the green certificates, their efficiency being uncertain. Other fields are less sensitive to national growth but to global indexes, while oil and gas industry is carrying investments depending on the price of barrel and world demand.

Nevertheless there are fields for which investments are postponed or are resized, leading us to believe that the development cycle has not restarted to move off consistently. In a period of time when growth is relative there are hazards but also opportunities, however the latter’s accessing is more difficult. Within this frame Eneria remains prudent in predicting a much better year as compared to former ones, except for activities where we do have the potential to improve our quota such as service & maintenance, cogeneration projects or gas-to-power, diesel groups and railway and maritime applications

PIR: Within the company’s development strategy, what priorities do you have in the coming period?

Alexandru Bădescu: First of all we are remaining creative so that we are seldom in a position to react, but more often in a proactive anticipating one to the challenges. It’s not a simple task and I wouldn’t want you to think we are running on a perfect highway, from one success to another. Most important is the way we are going and the fact that we envisage not one, but two steps ahead and to invest in people and get prepared for the application not yet on the market. Another development coordinate is to follow up our partners that get international development and deliver export services. In our daily effort we are continuously finding the segments or the niches that provide us growth potential.

PIR: Making a parallel between a technical system (engine, generator set, etc.) and a company manager, what compulsory endowments do you believe an efficient manager needs to be ‘equipped’ with?

Alexandru Bădescu: This is an interesting question, because you are challenging me to talk about a human being by using mechanical or electric symbols. Let’s start with efficient anointment system as team work involves, in all directions, quality communication without which the system gets seized. Then it may be a system to adjust the efficiency, being done in modern systems by an electronic unit – in the case of management this would mean dimensioning resources for maximum profitability. One more thing: a good engine is the one including lots of information following a long history of modernization and transforming. A manager can evolve only if he is continuously learning from his recent history, from current situations and from various information sources which, generally, come from others’ experiences. This could enhance his chances to become leader along with being manager, a good parallel with Caterpillar’s leading positioning.

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