ANRE calls for gas liberalisation calendar for industrial consumers could be cancelled

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) proposed the Government the annulment of the liberalisation calendar of the gas market for non-household consumers starting July 1, 2014, Authority’s President Niculae Havrilet said during a conference on energy-related topics.

He explained that the measure is necessary as the market price became lower than those established in the liberalisation calendar, following the price decline on the international markets and some diminished gas imports.

“We propose the Government to conclude the liberalisation process in the industrial sector on July 1, so they (ed. note: the non-household consumers) could also benefit from the possibility of accessing lower prices than those provided in the calendar. The current calendar provided price increases at higher levels than those currently registered, which is no longer feasible, therefore we propose the annulment of the calendar,” Havrilet said.

The ANRE official brought to mind that, at the moment of the liberalisation start, the difference between the domestic production gas price and the imported gas price was of 1 to 3. “The import price accounted for USD 590 per thousand cubic metres and the domestic production gas price stood at USD 150-160 per thousand cubic metres when the liberalisation process began. We must also bear in mind that the gas market liberalisation was one of Romania’s obligations in the process of joining the EU, which should have been completed in 2007, but was not achieved,” Havrilet also said. According to him, the liberalisation calendar was established based on a study conducted by Rolland Berger.

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