Transgaz is preparing a corporate bond issuance

Transgaz, the national natural gas transmission company, controlled by the Romanian state, wants to borrow from financial markets through unsecured corporate bonds up to RON 500 million, with maturity of at least five years and fixed interest in order to finance investments for the development of gas pipelines, given that more than half of last year’s net profit of RON 502.51 million will be distributed to shareholders as dividends.

Transgaz has two options for the interest paid to investors, the company considering scenarios of 4.2%, and 4.5%. The bonds will have a nominal value of RON 10,000 and a maturity of at least five years and the interest rate will be steady by maturity.

In both versions, the interests proposed by Transgaz offer a higher gain than any other savings tool available on the market, at comparable minimal risks, given that the company is a natural monopoly with regulated profit. The five-year bonds have an average yield of 2.58%, according to the National Bank of Romania.

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