PAS Technologies Romania to grow tenfold in 2015

PAS Technologies Inc. is a privately held corporation that operates globally in six locations: Kansas City, Hillsboro and Phoenix in the US, then Campina and Ploiesti in Romania and a joint venture in Singapore called AST.

PAS-TechnologiesCustomers with high-performance needs rely on PAS Technologies. PAS specializes in providing cost-effective OEM and MRO solutions for the aerospace, oil and gas, and Industrial Gas Turbine markets. By using innovative and proprietary high-technology processes, along with solutions licensed from OEMs, the company provides great value for customers whose components are exposed to high wear, high heat, and corrosive environments. The company’s highly engineered, innovative products are world-renowned for advanced technology and unsurpassed reliability. In just a few words, PAS Technologies can be described as the premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) application and component provider.

PAS Technologies Romania was started in 2008, as the result of the strategic partnership with the main customer, Cameron Romania. The agreement was that PAS establish a production unit inside Cameron premises in Campina. The main object of activity was the coating of components for oil & gas using a high tech application called HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) and we did an onsite operation. The process applies a tungsten carbide layer on customer parts, which increases significantly the wear and corrosion resistance, thus providing a cost effective solution to a very demanding industry. The implementation of the program was done in only nine months including audits and qualification, which was described by the OEM customers as an absolute record in the industry. PAS delivered the first coated component in July 2008 and the following months the business started to grow significantly. Unfortunately 2009 brought the effects of the worldwide recession and the business started to slow down visibly in the second half of the year. December 2009 was the most critical month for us with record low sales, but we are very proud that even then we kept the company above the break even line and managed to keep all our employees, while other companied laid off significant amount of people to keep costs under control. 2010 came with a slightly better outlook and slowly but constantly the business got back to the previous levels, finally exceeding them significantly. In 2011 we set another major milestone for the company, by starting a second product line, the machined products. The first parts were small components for gate valves and for the first year we focused on a very small range. After a while we expanded into more complex parts, requiring special processes like nickel plating, QPQ, borofuse, xylan, everslik, molycote etc. We also implemented modern NDT techniques and we became an approved supplier for Ultra Sonic, Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant inspection.

2012 came with a significant change, PAS leased space in Ploiesti West Park and moved the machining operation in this area. This proved to be a very inspired decision, as things took off significantly after that move. The management of the company moved in this space as well, making it the headquarters of PAS Technologies Romania. The initial space was rather small, we filled it up quite quickly with equipment after which we initiated our expansion and leased more space in the same building. 2013 and 2014 were years with significant growth and despite the overall market situation 2015 started quite well for us as well. We are confident we will do approximately 30% growth for the full year and this means we have grown the business tenfold from our first full year, 2009. The turnover for 2015 is expected to exceed 20 million dollars. At the beginning of 2015 we have expanded one more time and leased another space in the same building, where we will implement another significant project called weld cladding. This type of technology helps customers to reduce costs, by applying high tech materials in the critical areas, while the base part is made from standard materials. In this way, the customers benefit fully from the properties of the high tech material, without having to pay the premium price, when the part is entirely made of that material.

Another area of interest is the aerospace industry, where PAS experience and quality are very well known and make a difference in the customer supply chain. PAS Technologies Romania received the AS9100 certification in 2014, which is a standard requirement in this prestigious industry. Following subsequent discussions with the customers, it looks like before the end of 2015 a number of projects will be transferred to Romania and we are already discussing about a new building to continue our expansion.

Regarding the geographical coverage, we currently supply 50% of the products in Romania and there rest are exported worldwide to customers from: US, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, France, UK, Ireland, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia. It currently employs 65 people, from which 18 are in Campina facility and 47 in Ploiesti facility. The company has the following certifications: ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.

“PAS project happened mostly due to a personal initiative in a specific context. At that time, I was young and I had no idea how much and how quickly a business can grow if you know to listen to your customer and address its specific needs cost effectively and in a timely manner. I was involved from the very beginning, I was the first employee of the company and now after eight years I can proudly say it was the most successful project I have ever worked on in my life. I admit there was a bit of luck which helped us, but like one of my mentors like to say, I also believe that luck is the intersection between preparation and opportunity. In what concerns me, I think I was lucky enough to join a modern company which promotes progress and also to find very good people to support me in this endeavour. I have promoted an open culture in which initiative and responsibility are encouraged and rewarded and that in itself is a major competitive advantage which sooner rather than later becomes visible in the overall results of the company. I think a project like PAS technologies could serve as a model for other companies which want to invest in Romania. I also hope that we have done at the micro level could be replicated at the macro level as well, case when our country could see the most spectacular growth in its history!” – Dragos Grigorescu, Vice President & General Manager Romania Operations, stated.

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