Florin Ianul: CDI Oilfield Services’ new Centre of Excellence to optimize production in oil & gas industry

CDI Oilfield Services, part of John Crane, is a leading service provider in Romania for the downhole equipment since 2009. The company just opened in Ploiesti a new Centre of Excellence to optimize production in oil & gas industry. On this occasion, we invited Mr. Florin Ianul, General Manager of CDI Oilfield Services, to unveil the future developing outlook of the company, as well as the basic concept and purposes of the new centre.

Florin Ianul DeschiderePetroleum Industry Review: For how long have you been working within the company and how did you get your managing experience?

Florin Ianul: I’ve been with John Crane since 2013 managing CDI Oilfield Services, our Romanian upstream business.

In the years before John Crane I was managing businesses in services sectors around various other industries.

PIR: Which is your position on the market in Romania/region?

Florin Ianul: CDI Oilfield Services as part of John Crane is a leading service provider in Romania for the downhole equipment since 2009.

Along with our partners from OMV Petrom we managed to significantly increase the performance and reliability of the equipment and we are committed to investing further to ensure continuous improvement.

PIR: How would you describe the oil and gas market in Romania and around, also its evolution within the last years?

Image3 Alternative smallFlorin Ianul: The oil price fall has significantly affected the upstream market worldwide and Romania is no different. In times like this both producers and service providers must think of the long-term operational sustainability.

An effective way of approaching this challenge is to step back, and comprehensively review the overall activity to understand and reengineer the entire system under the new environment and make strategic investments in process optimization and talent development.

PIR: Which are the services and equipment you offer to the clients? Which are the most important clients of the company?

Florin Ianul: John Crane (www.johncrane.com) is a global leader in engineered technology, supplying engineered products and services to energy companies and other major process industries. The company designs, manufactures and provides services for a variety of products, including mechanical seals, couplings, bearings, filtration systems and artificial lift equipment. John Crane employs about 6,900 people and has more than 230 sales and service facilities in more than 50 countries. Fiscal year 2015 revenues were USD 1.5 billion.

John Crane is part of Smiths Group (www.smiths.com), a global leader in applying advanced technologies for threat and contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications and engineered components.

John Crane’s upstream business represents a 24/7 service operations and equipment, consisting of:

  1. Pump Shop Inspection & Repair Services;
  2. Sucker Rod Pumps Equipment;
  3. Fiber and Steel Rods Applications;
  4. Wellhead Equipment and Accessories;
  5. Complete PCP System;
  6. Engineering Services;
  7. Artificial Lift Supervision for Installation & Commissioning;
  8. Well Optimization.

Our main customer in Romania is OMV Petrom. On the global upstream operations we are well positioned in USA, South America, Canada and Asia-Pacific.

PIR: CDI set of strengths consists of…?

romania JCPSFlorin Ianul: It’s all about people! We have an extraordinary team of experienced professionals. This is the source of our strength.

PIR: Which are the dedicated solutions in order to optimize production in oil and gas industry?

Florin Ianul: John Crane has invested in a new set of tools and processes that are customized for Romanian environment. The concept is to have a joint optimization team utilizing a dedicated integration infrastructure in our new Centre of Excellence in Ploiesti.

PIR: Which is the biggest challenge for CDI in 2015 and the future developing outlook?

Florin Ianul artificial liftFlorin Ianul: Our biggest challenge is to constantly improve our performance for the customer. After each success we must think humbly about the future step that must be better than the one we’ve just made.

We have invested in our Centre of Excellence and we plan to continue helping our customers improve their operational performance.

The main idea is that the purpose of the Centre of Excellence is not to provide only immediate results. It is a training facility where the next generation of engineers from various parts of the industry will be developed, where they will learn and work side by side with highly experienced technical specialists.

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