EUR 125 mn for upgrading fuel terminals

Depozit carburanti Cluj OMV PetromOMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South-Eastern Europe, has completed the modernization of the fuel terminal in Cluj. The EUR 18 mn investment is part of the storage infrastructure modernization program that targets the construction of three new terminals and modernization of another three terminals.
“With three new terminals built in Jilava, Brazi and Ișalnița and another two modernized terminals, in Bacău and Cluj, we are very close to reaching the proposed target within our ‘3+3 terminals strategy’ aimed at fully supporting the Group’s marketing network. Up to this point, the investments for the construction and modernization of the five terminals amounted to around EUR 125 mn in the past six years. The modernized Cluj terminal will help us increase the efficiency of our operations, while, at the same time, reducing our operational costs,” Neil Anthony Morgan, member of the OMV Petrom Executive Board, responsible for Downstream Oil, stated.
The oil products in the Cluj terminal are stored in reservoirs above the ground, with a total storage capacity of 22,000 mc. They are equipped with automated systems for volume and temperature measurement as well as for protection against over-filling and a fixed fire extinguisher system. The reservoirs have steel walls and are connected to the automated detection system for leaks and cracks, while the loading of the products in road tanks is controlled by an automated system. The Cluj terminal will ensure the supply of fuels to the North-Western part of Romania.
All five terminals are fully automated and comply with Romanian and European related norms and standards. The five terminals have a total storage capacity of 87,000 mc and are among the most modern and safe oil product distribution terminals in Europe. During the construction of the five terminals, a total of 3,600,000 man-hours were recorded, without any incidents.
The next steps in OMV Petrom’s storage infrastructure modernization strategy will consist of identifying the next fuel terminal that will go through the modernization process.

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