Costel Lungu

EUR 1 million new engineering contract for IPIP

Kraftanlagen München GmbH, a company member of the Alpiq Group, has acquired IPIP S.A. Ploiesti, becoming an integrated solutions provider. As the result of the joint forces between the old and the current management, IPIP has just won an engineering contract worth approximately EUR 1 million, stated Mr. Costel Lungu, CEO of IPIP.

IPIP is a Romanian company with a long tradition in oil equipment design. What does this acquisition mean for the Kraftanlagen?

Costel Lungu: By acquiring IPIP, the Kraftanlagen Group is trying to meet the current challenges in the oil and gas industry, as well as in other industry sectors, by expanding its capabilities and range of services supplied in order to qualify as an integrated service provider at a very competitive cost level. In the past, IPIP, as subcontractor of Kraftanlagen Romania, completed many projects on the Romanian market. Currently, being part of the same group, Kraftanlagen & IPIP can offer a full spectrum of services, including EPC, due to the highly qualified personnel, with vast experience in large and complex projects.

Costel Lungu

What priority measures will be taken, following the takeover, in order to streamline the operations and to maintain the prestige gained in over 65 years of the institute’s activity?

Costel Lungu: IPIP has acquired high prestige in its field of activity, due to the quality of the services and to the true professionalism of its personnel. IPIP will continue to use its leading-edge engineering expertise and project management skills to meet successfully every customer’s and business partners’ demand. In addition, the IPIP management strives to fully realise a synergy of the two formerly independent companies’ potential, in order to support the systematic market expansion and to preserve competitive costs.

Currently, which are the most important services provided to the chemical and petrochemical industry, to the oil and gas industry in general?

Costel Lungu: With extensive experience in Romania, Europe, Middle East and Asia, IPIP’s objective was to deliver in due time the projects at high standards, along with the staff’s involvement in continuous innovation and research in order to maximize the quality of the developed projects. IPIP provides design services for all steps, starting with the concept phase up to the execution details. IPIP offers and provides consultancy, engineering and service implementation for ‘Greenfield’ and ‘Brownfield’ projects, for crude oil and gas production, processing and supply as follows: Oil and Gas refineries and Associated Facilities; Pipelines, Pumping Stations and utilities; Storage Tanks and Associated Installations; Petrochemical and Chemical Plant Facilities; Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Pump Stations; Civil/Structural and Industrial Construction and Infrastructures.

preluare IPIP

Key Products: Feasibility, process studies; Basic Design (BD); Extended BD (FEED - Front End Engineering Design); Multidisciplinary Detailed Engineering; EPCM services; Project Management services; Technical assistance for commission, start-up, test run, guarantee test; Technical documentation for Authorities.

How will the work of the institute continue, are there any new projects, future plans or intentions to broaden the range of services?

Costel Lungu: IPIP was founded in 1950 and since then the range of customers and operations has grown expansively. Kraftanlagen Group intends to maintain the relation with long-time customers and most connections developed by IPIP representatives in over 65 years on the international oil and gas market. Regarding new projects, IPIP is constantly searching for new projects and opportunities. Constantly, the company’s concern was that IPIP presents the best technical solutions at competitive prices. IPIP has just won an engineering contract worth approximately of EUR 1 million. This success is the result of a joint effort of IPIP’s old and new management, along with the employees’ involvement in drawing up the necessary documentation for the winning offer.
IPIP plans in the future to find new ways of extending its range of services, e.g. accessing the engineering services market for alternative energy. Also, one of our main concerns is finding EPC type projects that can involve both IPIP and Kraftanlagen Romania. The best strategy that we can apply in the current market conditions is to operate as a unitary group, because refineries want the entire package of services supplied by the same company, it’s the case of IPIP – Kraftanlagen Group, which offers a comprehensive range of high quality services.

What prospects lie ahead, in your view, locally and regionally, regarding the market developments in your field on medium and long term?

Costel Lungu: Currently, is hard to predict the international oil and gas market evolution. Presently, we are seeking collaboration agreements with European companies in order to be near when the investment opportunities arise. On the local market, IPIP’s relationship with the companies that own Romanian refineries is based on decade-long history and it will continue accordingly. Currently, IPIP is working on several projects in Romanian refineries and expects to gain many more projects in the coming years.

preluare IPIP group

Considering the joint forces of Kraftanlagen and IPIP, we trust our existing and future customers will regard us as an integrated solution provider, including the handling of all interfaces during a project.

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